Rama Thai woman who created fancy face shields with Star Wars characters

Copywriting can be a long and tedious process, but what if you could just outsource the writing part to a computer? That’s what Rama Thai did when she created face shields featuring characters from the Star Wars franchise.

While this might seem like an easy task, there are a few things that Rama Thai had to take into account in order to create these shields. For instance, she had to make sure that the designs looked good on both digital and physical products, and that the text on the shields was legible no matter how bright the light source was.

Overall, this is an fascinating example of how AI can be used to simplify tasks that would traditionally be handled by human beings. While it’s not clear whether or not copywriters will eventually be replaced by AI-powered software, it’s clear that computers are becoming more and more capable of performing complex tasks in a variety of fields.

How Rama Thai started making face shields

Rama Thai is a woman from Thailand who has been making face shields with popular movie and TV characters since 2013. Her designs have been featured on websites like Reddit and The Huffington Post, and she has even won awards for her work. Rama Thai’s face shields are incredibly detailed and often feature bright colors and intricate designs. She says that her goal is to create something fun and unique for herself and her fans, and she believes that anyone can enjoy a good shield design.

How the face shields are made

The Star Wars face shields are not just for decoration. They are also used as protective devices to keep people safe. Rama Thai, a Thai woman, has developed a creative way to make these face shields. She uses characters from the popular movie franchise to create her shields.

Rama Thai was born with albinism and has faced discrimination her whole life. She decided to use her creativity to create something that can help others. She started by creating a shield featuring Darth Vader. She then created a shield featuring Yoda and characters from the original trilogy.

Her shields have been widely praised online. Many people have said that they are unique and look cool. Rama Thai is now working on creating new shields featuring characters from The Force Awakens.

The different face shields that Rama Thai makes

Looking for a way to show your love for Star Wars? Rama Thai, a Thai woman who creates face shields with popular characters from the movie series, has you covered! Her face shields come in a variety of designs, including Darth Vader and Yoda.

Rama Thai explains her motivation behind creating these face shields: “I like to make custom face shields because I love the movies and I think it’s fun to be creative. I also like to promote cultural understanding and unity through my work.”

Her creations are available online, and she also offers customization services. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and want to show it off in an interesting way, be sure to check out Rama Thai’s Etsy shop!

Why Rama Thai makes face shields with Star Wars characters

Rama Thai, the woman who created fancy face shields with Star Wars characters, has a story that is as unique as her products. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Rama was always creative and inventive. At the age of 10 she started making and selling masks from traditional Thai festivals. As she grew older, she decided to branch out into face shields. Her love for Star Wars led her to create Darth Vader and Storm Trooper masks, and since then she’s created masks featuring characters from all sorts of movies and TV shows. Her products are available online at Rama Thai’s website and at select stores worldwide.


Congratulations to Rama Thai woman who created fancy face shields with Star Wars characters. Rama’s face masks are not only beautiful and unique, but they also serve a purpose; protecting people from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Rama is an artist and crafting genius who takes her love of Star Wars and combines it with her passion for protecting others from the sun. Her Face Masks are sold online, through social media platforms, as well as at several local shops in Bangkok.